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Our Services

  • FD (Fixed Deposit)
  • Recurring Deposit (RD)
  • Gold Investment Scheme
  • Marriage Gold Scheme
  • Pravasi Investment Scheme
  • Loans Chits
  • Villa Projects
  • Interestless Gold Loan
  • Mini Investment Scheme
  • Land Investments
  • Savings
  • Gold Chits
  • Housing Loan

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    Financial Services

    All kind of financial services including FDs, R.Ds and different kind of other savings schemes.We are having a wide range of savings plans that are making your future financially secure

    Availing interest free loans

  • Personal
  • Group
  • Business loans
  • Gold loan
  • Different kinds of gold investment schemes, marriage schemes.

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    Taking lots each month and the lot winner get the total amount within few days and very less paper work but with full security. This will be group of people having payment monthly and every month there will be a lot in the presence of all members.

  • 15 lakh : monthly 1 lakh (15 month)
  • 5 lakh : monthly 25000 (20 month)
  • 3 lakh : monthly 15000 (20 month)
  • 1 lakh : monthly 5000 (20 month)
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    Thanal Scheme

    Investment Plans with best returns starting from 500 – 20,000/- (25 months)

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    Pravasi Scheme

    Best Investment plans for NRI including loan facilities and unexpected returns.

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    Gold Chit

  • Period of 30 months.
  • Taking lots each months winner does not want to repay the rest instalment.
  • Daily / Monthly basis can pay instalment.
  • FOR EXPATS.....!


    With Amana your satisfaction is guaranteed.

    We provide free counseling to those who are currently working abroad and those who are planning to move out to ensure their financial security.Having worked in the Gulf countries for many years, the expatriates have long-term plans for simple and transparent schemes for their well-being and financial security.The post-emigration life of many people today is very miserable as those who do not have good jobs and high incomes cannot even start or think about starting their own small business while working in the Gulf countries and returning home after all. We are witnessing situations where we are unable to hold on to our homeland, forget our age and go back to exile. Of course, expatriate Keralites.

    Special home renovation packages

    Schemes for purchase of land required for construction of houses

    Gold schemes for wedding purposes

    Life plans required to start ventures in the country

    Chits(Short term Chits) ranging from Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhs

    Gold Investment Scheme with high dividend.

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    Home Schemes

    Home schemes are mainly helpful for the people struggling to build a home and having house renovation plans, by joining pravasi schemes you can make this dreams into reality. For this you can pay a fixed amount monthly up to 30 months and we will provide a interest free loan for adding 40% of paid amount that can payback by 20 months for house renovations and for the land purchases for building homes.

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    Amana family suraksha

    We aim you and your family betterment even with or without your presense. using this scheme you can secure your family for life time.


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